Butternut and Sage Risotto with Lemon and Olive Kale

Tonight a recipe from a kindle book I bought, simply called ‘Vegan Slowcooker Cookbook’ by Laura Hamilton. It seems a good collection of recipes, and slow cooker makes everything nice and simple. The book suggests pumpkin, but I used butternut squash. Maybe I’ll try it again in a month’s time when the shops are full of pumpkins!

I softened some onions, added some garlic and dried sage, and then put it in the slow cooker with some risotto rice and stock – two hours on high. In the mean time I roasted some butternut squash, to be stirred in at the end.

The slow cooker makes this an easy risotto

I thought it needed something green, so consulted the No Meat Athlete cookbook, and found a recipe for lemony kale with olives. I didn’t have all the ingredients (it suggested adding celery leaves and parsley), but I had most of the rest. Basically it involved steaming some kale with sliced garlic, before frying it a little in a pan and then adding some lemon juice and olives.

Steamed kale and garlic fried a little in the pan

This meal was a great success. I was surprised how well the risotto turned out, with very little attention the slow cooker cooked it really well. I’m really glad I did the kale to go with it; the lemon and olive made it really flavoursome and was an excellent compliment to the risotto. Really glad to have found another delicious buy really easy meal. It’s another one I’ll be making again!



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