Creamy Mushrooms and Butterbeans with Quinoa and Roasted Veg

I was doing a bit of experimenting this evening. I made some cashew queso sauce from the recipe in the No Meat Athlete cookbook – basically it’s cashews, garlic, arrowroot, nutritional yeast, smoked paprika and chipotle. This stuff is amazing – creamy, cheesy, smoky, nutty sauce.I gently fried up some onion and chestnut mushrooms, and then stirred in the queso and a tin of butterbeans.

I was originally planning to serve it with broccoli, but needed to use up some courgette and red onion so I roasted that with some olive oil, cider vinegar and nutritional yeast.

Some quinoa completed the meal. I was going for the No Meat Athlete idea of ‘a grain, a green and a bean’ – I’m not sure if the courgette counts as the green, but did taste good!


The result was really good. The sauce tastes amazing, and goes really well with the butter beans and mushrooms. It wasn’t a difficult recipe, so will be another one to add to the list!



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