Queen of the South

Had a good ride today. The forecast was for strong gusts from the west, with rain arriving at around lunchtime, so I decided to get an early train to Dumfries (southwest Scotland), and ride home – about 60 miles.

It was dark and blustery when I arrived at Bardon Mill station to catch the 07:16. There weren’t many people on the train, and after we passed Carlisle I think I was the only passenger, which seemed all the more bizarre when the at-seat trolley service came along (but I was glad of a coffee).

A dark December morning

The train got me to Dumfries (known as the ‘Queen of the South’) at 08:46, and I set off back home pretty much straight away.

The tail wind was great the whole way, but it didn’t feel like I really made the most of it; I felt a bit sluggish at times. I’m feeling a bit out of shape at the moment. I’ve been really busy with work recently and not been on the bike as much as I would like and feel like I’ve lost a bit of fitness.

In some ways it was a ride of two halves. The first 30 miles in Scotland was pretty much pancake flat and I was able to maintain a decent pace. The second 30 miles through Cumbria and Northumberland was lumpy. I managed fine, but the second half did feel hard work. Still, I was pleased to get home by lunchtime.

For food today I had a Huel shake for breakfast, and a banana, Trek cocoa flapjack and coffee on the train. Out on the ride I had another flapjack a SIS gel. All good plant-based stuff!

Click the map to view my ride on Strava


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