This summer I am aiming to complete Paris-Brest-Paris. It is one of the oldest and most challenging events in long-distance cycling. The aim is to ride from the French capital to Brest and back again in 90 hours – 1200km in total, twice the biggest distance I’ve done before. I genuinely don’t know if my body and mind will get me to the finish, we shall see. I’ve now completed the four rides needed to qualify. These four constitute a ‘Super Randonneur’ series, I did the following:

It isn’t a charity event, and there is no requirement for me to fund-raise. However, your encouragement in the form of a donation to two charities which mean a lot to me will give me focus and motivation.

I’ve chosen World Bicycle Relief and Christian Aid. Both organisations are transforming the lives of people in living in poverty. A bicycle is an amazing thing, and in a developing country it can make a massive difference, it’s the mission of World Bicycle Relief to change lives with bikes. For a healthcare worker, a bike means being able to visit more patients in rural areas. For a school-child it means a safer and quicker journey to school. For a farmer, it means a way to take goods to market.

Christian Aid have also supported projects providing bikes. It was my immense privilege to visit Burundi this year with Christian Aid, and see the transformative work that is going on. I’ll write more about that in due course.

Your donation will make a real and genuine difference. It will also spur me on to complete the biggest cycling challenge I have ever taken on. Please click here to donate.

Thanks so much for your support,


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